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Brodsky Quartet and Sir Willard White
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Bass singer: Sir Willard White. Sir Willard White was born in Jamaica. He first started his music training career at the Jamaica Conservatory of Music, and then went to Julia College in New York for further study. Since his debut at the New York Opera House in 1974, he has often performed in major opera houses around the world, including the Royal Opera House, the New York Metropolitan Opera House, the British National Opera House, the San Francisco Opera House, the Munich Opera House, the Amsterdam Opera House, the Berlin Opera House, the Brussels Opera House, the Geneva Opera House, the Hamburg Opera House, the Los Angeles Opera House, the Madrid Opera House, the Paris Opera House and the Greenderbourne, Music festivals in Aix Provence and Salzburg. In 1989, White played the role of Othello in the "Othello" produced by Trevor Nonn for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Meanwhile, Sir Ian McCallen played Iago and Imogen Stubbs played Desdemona.


At various concert stages, White regularly cooperates with major conductors and orchestras in the world, including the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Harley Orchestra, the Royal British Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Dutch Concert Hall Orchestra, the Scala Theatre Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, He has performed in the BBC Happy Concert as a solo for many times. His recent performances include: playing Tethyas and the messenger in the opera "Oedipus King" performed in cooperation with the conductor master Isa Peca Salonin and the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall; In cooperation with conductor Charles Ditua and Cleveland Orchestra at the Welbier Music Festival, he played the role of Mephistopheles in the opera "The Scourge of Faust"; Co-performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and played the role of Golo in the opera Pellias and Melissand; Cooperate with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall of the UK, "Castle of the Duke of Bluebeard"; Under the command of Valery Jetyev, he played the role of Mark in the second act of the opera Tristan and Isolde; With the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and master conductor Sir Simon Rutter, he performed "Pellias and Meresand" and Gershwin's opera "Bogie and Beth"; He collaborated with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Isa Peca Salonin to perform the Castle of the Duke of Bluebeard.

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Violin: Daniel Rowland,

   Lan Belton, 

Viola: Paul Cassidy

Cello: Jacqueline Thomas


Since its establishment in 1972, the British Budrotsky Quartet has performed more than 3000 performances on major stages in the world and released more than 60 records. The March 2016 issue of the BBC Music magazine once commented on the Budrovski quartet: "... their performance presented a strong shock charm, extremely accurate artistic attainments, and sometimes turbulent and sometimes calm lyrical rhythm...". Sir Willard White, as one of the most popular and versatile opera stars in the past 40 years, often appeared in the most famous opera houses and concert halls around the world, and cooperated with the highest level conductor, artistic director and orchestra. He was awarded the Order of the Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 1995 and was knighted at the Queen's birthday ceremony in 2004. We believe that the cooperation between the Budrotsky Quartet and Sir Willard White will be a very special and exciting performance.

The Budrovski quartet was founded in 1972. Their innate curiosity and endless desire for exploration have promoted the development of the quartet itself in multiple artistic directions, which not only ensures their prominent position in the international chamber music world, but also ensures the diversity of their music works. Their abundant vitality and superb skills have won them numerous awards and praise worldwide.

Over the past 40 years, the Buderoski Quartet has played a large number of complete quartets by Schubert, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Briton, Schoenberg, Zemlinsky, Webern and Bartok. Shostakovich's complete repertoire has become synonymous with their names: the quartet performed in London in 2012 won them the honorary title of "art partner" of the London Arts and Culture Center.

Broadsky Quartet has long maintained an exclusive and prosperous recording state with Sandoz Records. The albums released under its banner include "The Little Quartet", and the album "Return Track", which commemorates the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Quartet; Debussy Quartet, a long-awaited collection of Debussy tracks; A series of repertoire of Verdi, Paganini, Mozart, Puccini, etc. In Australia, their album "Love and Anger" has received rave reviews. The quartet has won the Golden Fork and the French Music World Shock Award for its outstanding contributions to the recording of the quartet recordings of Britton, Beethoven, Janacek and other new works, and has also won the award of the Royal Philharmonic Association. The quartet has taught a large number of chamber music courses internationally and is permanent in many music associations, including the University of Cambridge and the Royal Scottish Conservatory of Music.



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