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The King's Singers, also known as the "King's Singers", is one of the most amazing singing teams in the world, with six people and six mouths. They almost never use any instrument to accompany them, but their harmonic effects are incomparably rich. Six people sang deep and vast songs, with ups and downs, sadness and unhappiness, and strength.

The King Singers' Choir sang a unique and profound understanding. Their chorus skills are particularly impressive. The human voice imitates various musical instruments, so lifelike that people can't believe their ears. The chorus stresses the position, and their recording has a strong sense of location and space. They have a wide range of voices and distinct levels of different parts, which can be regarded as the best in vocal testing. In addition to singing, they often simulate the sounds of various musical instruments with both hands and oral skills, bringing incredible and interesting effects, and the range of songs they sing is broader, from the pastoral songs of Monteverdi, the prelude of Rossini's opera, the waltz of Strauss, religious songs, opera famous songs, to French Chant, national ballads, film soundtrack Even the popular classics of the Beatles and the Queen Choir are almost all-inclusive. In the past 40 years, their performances have spread all over the world, and everywhere they go, they are deeply loved and respected.

The six fixed members of the "King Singer" are two falsetto tenors, two tenors, one baritone and one bass. Although constantly updated, they have always maintained the same vitality and harmony. In their concert, there was no gorgeous sound-light effect, no gorgeous clothing set, and no exaggerated body movements. Six people stood in an arc in the center of the stage and opened their mouths in turn. Although there are only six mouths, listening to them singing can achieve the effect of a mixed chorus of 40 people, an orchestra of 40 people and a percussion orchestra of various instruments. When singing religious hymns, they can be called the top choir; When singing folk songs, their intonation is humorous, even with dialect; When singing pop music, they act as musicians who can realistically imitate the effect of percussion and blowing with chords; When singing classical music, six mouths can send out the illusion of the whole orchestra.


Group members


Robin Tyson :Countertenor

He was a newcomer to this group only in 2001. Of course, he is not the youngest (he was thirty years old when he joined), and especially, he is not the tallest. He devoted almost all his life to singing. At first, he was a member of the Canterbury Cathedral choir, and later served as a baritone for a period of time until he became a tenor at the age of 17. A year later, King's College in Cambridge, also the birthplace of King's Singer, offered him a scholarship to study vocal music. He studies for a degree in religion and is the only university student who has an overdue fine account in the library. Although his academic performance was mediocre, his music life in Cambridge made him busy recording and enriching. The performance with the school's unaccompanied choir was an excellent opportunity for exposure, which made him join the ranks of King singers later. Before he joined King Singer, he had performed in Europe, America and Asia. At first, he was a member of many choirs, one of which was his six-member group, called Acappellafellas. Later, he became a soloist in concerts and opera performances. When he did not perform and stayed in his hometown in London, he most liked to share time with his wife Christina, play with dogs, cook, enjoy food and watch the English Football League B, and the team he supported was Reading.

David Hurley : Countertenor

Born on the bank rest day in August 1962, it was a supermarket Monday. The second memorable day in his life was February 7, 1970, which was a Saturday. His parents gave him two choices: enjoy the football match in Southampton or endure the ordeal of joining the choir vocal camp in Winchester Cathedral. To his surprise, he chose the vocal music camp. More surprising, he passed the test and became a member of the choir. At the age of 13, he came to Winchester College. During that period, his voice range increased a little and became a super tenor. After that, he entered the new college of Oxford University. During the three years, he was a member of the choir and also studied for a degree in geography. In 1990, he joined the ranks of King singers. When there is no tour, he will spend time with his wife Sarah. They always hope to have more time to go to sea, and the house renovation project that seems never to be completed.

Phoenix :Tenor

At the age of nine, he began his music training in the choir of St. Paul's Cathedral. At that time, he also recorded several successful albums. It includes the theme song of the 1979 TV series "Craftsman, Tailor, Soldier and Spy". After graduating from the Royal Northern Conservatory of Music in 1991, he worked as a freelance singer for six years, with rich and diverse work experience, including as a backstage singer of Elaine Peggy and a chorus coach of the primary school. Paul joined King Singer in September 1997, bringing him a busy but beautiful life experience: traveling around the world and performing in the best concert halls and churches around the world. He and his wife Helena have two children. William is six years old, and he is a football fan. Edward will be two years old, and he is also a singing fan. Paul's other hobby is cars. The current Audi is his fourth car. You can easily recognize him in the rest rooms of major airports because he is always immersed in car magazines!

Philip Lawson : Bariton

Philip's first singing experience began at the Millennium Church in Sussex. Before leaving school, he became the head of the choir and was the organist of another church. Philip studied music at New York University and worked as a super tenor in the city government choir. When he left New York and returned to London, he turned to baritone and worked as a freelance singer for three years, mainly in cooperation with BBC singers, among which Bob Chilikat was his later colleague at King Singer; He cooperated with the choir of St. Paul's Cathedral (Paul, the super tenor of the king singers, was one of them. David Hurley, a super tenor, also participated in the annual Southern Church Music Festival. In the ten years before joining King Singer to replace Simon Carrington, Philip is a teacher, chorus coach and second-hand instrument seller. He also compiled a series of music catalogs, most of which are church music, some jazz works, musicals, and of course, some works of king singers. Philip lives in a town near Selsbury with his wife, Ricky, and their three daughters, Sophie, Amy and Georgia.


Chris began to have an impression on the King Singer because his parents always played "A Portrait of the King's Singers" on the car of long-distance travel. At that time, he never thought that one day he would become a member of the King Singer. Chris began singing in the church in Rochester at the age of eight. After entering puberty, Chris did not sing for several years. After that, he received a music scholarship from Apingham School and performed with the school's orchestra and choir at King's College. He still remembers this wonderful experience. In 1997, Chris won a choir scholarship from St. John's College. He studied law, played football and tasted curry food in Cambridge. During his time in Cambridge, he participated in harmony groups - "Gentlemen of St. John" and "Singers of King's College" (Latin for King's Singers). At the age of 24, he, the most junior and youngest member of the League, has learned that traveling around the world and singing are more meaningful than sitting in the office to solve other people's problems. Chris lives in Greenwich and likes to play golf in his spare time.

Stephen Connery: Bass

Stephen was a fan of King Singer since childhood, so when he became one of them, he was shocked and unreal. Born in Yorkshire, Stephen joined the choir of Leeds Church when he was young. After graduation, he moved to London and accepted a scholarship from the City Hall to study drama and music. As he was about to finish his studies, he participated in the selection of "Young Idol Group" and became one of them! Steven loved his hometown of Yorkshire, especially its beer and pudding. At present, he lives in Devon with his wife Manini, son Harry, daughter Molly, and three cats, Rui, Sudi, and Su. In his spare time, he would be with his family, but he found a new interest - trout fishing.



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